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A Gardeners Hopeless Wish

Now that our gardening season falls into dormancy our thoughts can turn towards all the things that the winter season brings us… not always a pretty thought. Oh, how I only wish I could control the weather, I just know I could do a better job than Mother Nature seems to be doing. Everything would be so easy if I was put in charge!

First thing I would do would be to make sure we didn’t get any big snow storms… that’s what I’d do! Then we wouldn’t slip and slide on the roads and that would be so much better. On seconded thought… maybe a ton of snow would be better. My new perennials would have the benefit of snow cover as an insulating blanket. My roses wouldn’t freeze off and my Butterfly Bush would benefit as well. But wait…the snow allows the moles to feed all winter long making a mess of my lawn and voles will be busy under the snow eating my evergreen shrubs. Perhaps A cold winter blast with no snow would benefit my garden. Really cold weather without the benefit of snow cover will kill off pesky moles and voles and over-wintering insects as well. Japanese Beetles, scale and other common insect pests are far less numerous after a really cold winter. Maybe extra cold isn’t so bad after all! Yea, kill all the bugs and pests and my… Rhododendron… ouch! Seems like cold isn’t such a good idea after all.

Forget the snow, forget the cold, I can’t handle the pressure. One thing I do know is that if we just had more sun everything would be better. With more sunny days less heat would be needed in my greenhouses… that’s good news. Everything is better in the sun! If it’s going to be sunny I should probably protect my trees from sun scald. Sun reflected off the surface of snow can cause cracks in the tender bark of Maples, Magnolias and many other young trees. I better wrap my Boxwood, Azaleas and other evergreens that may also suffer from winter sunburn. My evergreens may dry out if it is sunny this winter. I will have to get the hose out to water even in the winter if it is sunny and dry. Maybe it would better if it rained a lot… that would be easier. But if it rains and then gets cold we may have icicles that could fall and break my shrubs! That’s ok… then I’ll sell more shrubs next spring! Maybe it would just be better if it snowed… WAIT, STOP!

I don’t know how much they are paying Mother Nature to cover this job but it’s a bargain at any price! No matter what the weather we have our gardens will be affected in one way or another. You may be better able to anticipate what may be coming our way if you take note of what the weather provides this winter season. Good or bad, wet, dry or icy, I can promise you one thing… there is nothing wrong with an early spring!

No go outside and have fun in the dirt!