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A View of the Road

Here I sit, having traveled more than halfway down a life’s road.
The path ahead has always been, and forever will be, foreign and unknown.
Filled with trepidation, uncertainty and apprehension we forge ahead for it is the journey that creates what and who we are.
While the prospects for the future are unsure, the scenes in my rear view mirror are crystal clear.
As the journey began there was little anticipation in life besides what was in the here and now.
Moving ahead, expectations grow as do efforts as we resolve to gain something more… essentials to our view of what makes a successful life.

What appears vital today becomes trivial tomorrow as we change, transform, grow and mature.
There have been many “things” I wanted… goals set and pursued… I have dreamt many dreams.
I never imagined all the sights, all the experiences or all the emotions undergone during my life’s journey.
Being has its risks… living is a challenge… it isn’t meant to be easy.
Pain, sorrow, sadness, fear, anguish… my path finds no strangers here.
More familiar are happiness, triumph, pride, success and love… gifts of a life well spent.
I am pleased with my life’s accomplishments… proud of what I’ve done, delighted with the view I have achieved.
As my child, I take you on my shoulders providing guidance… sharing my path you have enriched my journey beyond words.
Now, as you have gained a measure of success, I am enriched by your perspective as you propose an all new view I could never have witnessed alone.
At the start, I couldn’t have known how much it would mean to me to be a father.
Now I have come to realize it has defined me, made me who I am… you have made me a better man.
I am so happy for you to begin your own road, your life journey.
Contest uncertainty by driving towards goals while chasing your dreams.
Don’t lose sight of what your journey has taught you thus far… who you are and what you believe in.

Most of all, seek happiness in everything you do… there is no greater gift on the journey of life.