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Lowe’s of Yesterday



In 1926, Carlton Lowe started his business in Bainbridge. He built it around the tuberous begonia, which he had fallen in love with during World War I, when he was a soldier stationed in Europe. He was on his way back to base after delivering a message to the front in Belgium when he saw several acres of these begonias and was spellbound. He found the farmer and learned all he could about these magnificent flowers, ending up in the brig for being A.W.O.L.!! When he returned home, he introduced the tuberous begonia to Bainbridge and the United States through a catalog order business at Lowe’s Greenhouse.


We've come a long way since 1926. We now grow all sorts of annuals, perennials, bulbs, etc., but we never forget our roots. We still offer that old-fashioned American hybrid tuberous begonia, grown from bulb-like tubers, just as Carlton Lowe did for so many years. We have the best, most varied collection of begonias you’ll find anywhere. And we’ve created a beautiful display garden of the historic tuberous begonia that will take your breath away, just as they did Carlton’s!

Click on link below to see his original catalogue of begonias.
“Story of the Tuberous Begonia” Catalogue by Carlton Lowe.



Bud and Ernestine Griff (Grandpa and Grandma) purchased the business from Carlton Lowe in the mid-1950′s. They moved to the country from Cleveland Heights, where Bud had been a truck driver. Route 306 was a dirt road back then! Ernestine had to learn how to drive so that she could go to floral arranging classes on the west side of Cleveland! They knew nothing about flowers and plants, yet learned quickly. They also had to rebuild many structures and heated with a coal-burning furnace.

Then came Bud Jr. and Lou (Dad and Mom). Bud grew up in the plant side of the business, and Lou learned and ran the floral and gift business. During their years of ownership the business grew, even through disasters like a hail storm, which demolished some greenhouses!

Lou has retired, while Bud is still involved in the business on a daily basis, as the “Germinator.”

The third generation of Griffs: even as a child, Jeff was an entrepreneur, selling grass clippings in cigar boxes for $1.00. Jeff took over the business in the last few years, and has added new product lines like perennials, trees and shrubs, and landscaping services.

He and his wife Mary Lynn are keeping up with the development of the Bainbridge community, continuing to serve it. Their children, Darby (21) and Maddi (19), used to sell lemonade on hot days at the greenhouse, just as Jeff and his sister Pam did. Both girls are now in college, but still help out when they can.

The Lowe’s Greenhouse family is growing all the time, with over 50 employees and their families. How fortunate we all are to have such a supportive community which places a high value on quality of life, service, loyalty, knowledge, and the flowers and plants which bring us beauty throughout the year.


Lowe’s of Today



An Introduction to Each of Our Departments







Lowe’s Greenhouse specializes in growing and selling unusual annuals and tropical plants. We still grow and sell the historic tuberous begonia, along with many other hard-to-find plants. We carry over 900 varieties of annuals each year – chances are, if we don’t have it, you won’t find it anywhere!

We have the best custom planted containers around! We will also plant your container for the fall and Holiday seasons.

Our greenhouses are a virtual rainforest, filled year-round with the largest selection of tropical plants available anywhere, including orchids, cacti and large specimen plants.

Lastly, we grow our own poinsettias. We nurture them and add that Lowe’s magic that only three generations can provide so that they are wonderful by Thanksgiving.

Curt, Chris, Sandy, Donna, Kim, Jamie, Gary and Ryan can help you with all your plant questions, both in the greenhouses and out in the nursery as well.


Lowe’s Greenhouse is a full-service florist with exceptionally creative designers on staff. We create wonderful fresh cut, as well as silk and dried arrangements. Whether you are decorating for a party, a wedding, or just sending flowers to a loved one, we will make it special.

During the Holiday season, we also carry a wide variety of fresh greens, wreaths and garlands. We’ll even come to your house and deck the halls for you!

Mary manages the Florist and her team's people skills allow our floral department to provide the most unique designs and have the most fun of any floral shop anywhere! Mary, Lisa and Denise have over 50 years of combined design experience.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop is chock full of wonderful, unusual gift items, from t-shirts to scarves, candles to furniture, frames to vases, jewelry to travel bags, Christmas ornaments to decorative pots and dishes. You are sure to find that special something to bring a smile to someone’s face!


Once again, we specialize in out of the ordinary perennials, trees and shrubs. We carry over 1500 varieties of perennials throughout the season. And sure, we have dogwoods, azaleas and rhododendrons, but we also have a collection of dwarf conifers, Japanese maples and many extraordinary specimens, all in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We also carry all sorts of seasonal items, such as Christmas trees, pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and other fun stuff!


We provide a full menu of landscaping services, from estate simply cutting grass, to full installations. Our crew of experts is knowledgeable in the art of plant care, and also skilled in creative landscape design, specializing in perennial gardens. We pride ourselves in placing the right plant in the right place, creating a high quality landscape with a long life. Whether you are building an entire yard from scratch or replacing or adding a garden, we can design it to suit your needs and be the envy of all your neighbors!

Chad George is our Landscape Manager, working with many to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

redbud tree branch.jpg

Garden Center

We at Lowe’s Greenhouse have traveled the world (literally!) to find the most unique and high quality pottery and giftware. You are sure to find just the right accent piece to express yourself with your outdoor living spaces.

We also provide a full range of products to help you maintain your lawn and garden. From fertilizers to pest control products, we have something to address every issue you may have.

Stop in, stroll, take a lunch break! Relax, enjoy – our gardens are your gardens!

Even with all our talented ‘family’ and their wealth of knowledge and experience, we still couldn’t do the job without the help of our part-time family. Moms, grandpas, dads, young adults, grandmas, even kids join our clan come crunch time. You never know who you may find in a Lowe’s Greenhouse t-shirt or apron come May … maybe even you some day! We are always looking to adopt new family members into our loving home.