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Better To Give Than Receive

Alas, yet another gardening season has passed us by however it will not be one soon forgotten. I had such high aspirations for this gardening season, both personally and professionally. At home I had plotted my freshly expanded vegetable garden with thoughts of a bountiful summer harvest. Expectations were high for my fruit trees and berry bushes. My perennial garden was on track to render the type of show that only a well-developed garden can offer. I was looking forward to the first spring of my new woodland garden and finishing the plantings I had begun there. Heck… if everything went well, I thought I might get to that conifer garden I have been thinking about installing along the driveway. At the nursery I had planned for a busy season with more inventory than ever before… more trees, shrubs and perennials… more hanging baskets and pots more gifts and fertilizer… more of everything.

Unless you were hiding somewhere else all summer I expect you know what happen to my best laid plans. I couldn’t plant in my vegetable garden on time because it was too wet and when I did the rain and clouds limited my yield. My apples and peaches were spotted and the berries were ok at best. Most of my perennials languished, some died, none were spectacular and my conifer garden idea remains just that… an idea.

Rainy days don’t make for a happy (or crowded) nursery yet we managed to stay busy… one day at a time. With all the obstacles we faced this season I feel all the more fortunate for my family, my friends, my staff and clientele.

Not only did we survive the wettest gardening season of all time we were also able to continue our commitment to our community by donating 1% of our total sales to an ever-expanding range of charities in need. (It is better to give $ than receive rain!)

This generosity couldn’t be possible without the diligence of the amazing Lowe’s Greenhouse family that is focused every day on making our place of business something special… for them I am eternally thankful.

I speak for everyone here when I offer my heartfelt appreciation for you… our clientele and our community who have continued to support us both in good times and bad… through sunshine and rain. (And rain and rain and rain!)

Thank you for your support, loyalty and encouragement and may your holidays be filled with happiness and good cheer.

Jeff Griff
Lowe’s Greenhouses