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Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
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Delivery Times

Delivery Times

Monday-Saturday only.
Same day delivery orders must be placed by 2pm.

General frustration due to

-A lack of clearly presented duties
-Lack of organization
-Lack of efficiency in set up
-gift department lack of success and disproportionate attention it receives.
-only $42k in sales as of end of sept. we sell $52k cont, $78k bg, $104k gb

Advantage of long time staff
-You work like this is your own business
-You know what needs to be done and you work together to get it done.
-We know each others strengths and weaknesses.
-When you are working together I know when I talk to 1 the other knows.

-Familiarity breeds lack of appreciation (take each other for granted) and lack of patience.
-We get comfortable and complacent.

Opportunities I feel we need to capitalize on.
-Momentum for gb and weddings
-Daisy Hill closing
-Boutique items popularity
-Terri’s new look, new feel and adding to our customer network.

Areas of responsibility (subject to discussion, change and review as needed)
Sue in charge of budget and buying of all giftware and creating a plan for displays of those items… creating the vision and seeing that it is carried out in an efficient and organized manner, using all the resources available.
-Gift needs to be organized like weddings and annual plantings.

Kathy in charge of budget for pottery, gb, hardgood items and the display of those items.

Nobody ends up with the perfect scenario…. I am trying to best utilize my resources. Sue’s organization, kathy carrying out job lists and

Our best efforts of the past is not good enough any more. Past growth and extravagant spending habits of our customers covered many mistakes:
-buying mistakes
-lack of attention to detail
-work not getting done quickly because
*talking *eating on the clock *slow to get on task *cell phone use *slow people *inadequate supervision

-customers want to see something new
-customers want to feel they are getting a deal
-customers know business is tight and they are using it to their advantage

we will need to continue to change/adapt quickly… some ideas/changes will work out well and others will fail but we need to communicate and work together to succeed. We will continue to get better… our performance as well as those under our supervision.

Everyone needs to help me to identify when and where we are lacking a clear vision of responsibilities. Friday morning meetings!!!