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Delivery Times

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Made in the Shade

Some tricks, tips and new plants for your shade gardening pleasure.

*Proper site evaluation

*Garden purpose and location.
Foundation, island, border, screening gardens.

*Right plant in the right spot.

*Proper use of color and textures.

*Providing for all season interest.
Some places have no plant options.

*Design aspects meeting theme and style of environment.

Japanese Anemone… Moist areas.
Astilbe Music Series… New dwarfs that like moisture.
Bergenia pigsqueak… Evergreen, attractive foliage and flowers.
Brunnera Jack frost… Blue spring flowers/attractive furniture.
Calycanthus floridus… Flowers, foliage, seed pods. Shrub to 6’. Tough!
Chionanthus retusus- Chinese Fringe Tree… Attractive June flowers and exfoliating bark.
Cimicifuga James Compton… Foliage, flowers, fragrance and texture. Likes moisture.
Dicentra- Bleeding Hearts… King series dwarf/Gold Heart yellow foliage.
Epimedium- Barrenwort… Attractive groundcover tolerating dry shade.
Ferns… most need moisture. Deer resistant. Textural addition. Many evergreen.
Geranium maccorrhizum Bog Root Geranium… ground cover tolerates dry shade.
Hakone Grass… Texture, color and deer resistant.
Hamamelis Witchhazel tree… Late winter flowers extend seasonal color. Fall color. 10-20’.
Hellebores Lenten Rose… Early spring flowers, evergreen foliage, deer resistant perennial.
Heuchera Coral Bells… Foliage, flowers, deer resistant,.
OakLeaf Hydrangea… Foliage, fall color, flowers, bark interest.
Pulmonaria Lungwort… Flowers, foliage, deep shade tolerant.
Tiger Stripe Maple Tegmentosum… Bark, fall color, deep shade tolerant tree to 30’.
Stewartia,,, Fall flowers, fall foliage, excellent bark, tree to 20’.
Phlox divaricata Woodland Phlox… Flowers, fragrance, spreading.
Ligularia Brit Marie Crawford… Foliage, flowers, needs moisture.
Thalictrum Black Stockings… Tall pink flowers and black stems.
Tiarella Foam Flowers… Evergreen, colorful foliage, flowers, deer resistant.
Tricyrtis Toad Lily… Fall blooming, good foliage.

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