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New Blooming Trees Merit Attention

The blooming display has been impressive this spring inspiring many gardeners to include a bit more “flower power” into their landscapes. There are now many new small blooming trees available that offer more “bang for the buck” than ever before. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many exciting new blooming trees out there:

Cornus kousa ‘Madison’

Chinese Dogwoods are preferable to our classic native Dogwoods due to their increased hardiness and adaptability. ‘Madison’ appears like other Chinese Dogwoods with an upright clumping form growing to 20’ tall. Large creamy-white flowers appear in June and may last for the entire month. Partial shade is preferred but full sun is possible when rich soil and supplemental irrigation are offered. When ‘Madison’ becomes special is late in August when the final new growth for the season flushes with dramatic splashes of golden yellow on the leaves. Combined with the natural purple fall leaf color the display is simply amazing.

Cercis ‘Alleghany Red’ Redbud

The Redbuds put on a spectacular show this year with wonderful purple flowers covering leafless, spring branches like Christmas lights on a cold winter night. ‘Allegheny Red’ boasts brilliant red/pink/rose flowers that are electric in their color intensity. Growing to 20’ tall, ”Alleghany Red’ is narrow at the base and widening at the crown forming a graceful vase-shape tree adaptable to placement in foundation plantings. All Redbuds prefer some shade but can tolerate quite a bit of sun if planted in good garden soils.

Magnolia virginiana ‘Moonglow’

This summer blooming Magnolia offers fragrant white, waxy flowers that are 2-3” across and very similar in form to Gardenias. ‘Moonglow’ grows 25’ tall but only 15’ wide within a wide range of garden conditions. Sun, shade, wet, dry… this native selection is widely adaptable. Large, glossy foliage is semi-evergreen finally falling from the tree in early spring.

Prunus ‘Crimson Pointe’ Dwarf Ornamental Plum

Tall and slender is the best way to describe this pink flowering, red-leafed plum tree. Growing 15’ tall and only 4-6’ wide ‘Crimson Pointe’ fills in narrow spaces very nicely. Plant in full sun where soil is well-drained.

Pyrus ‘Jack’ Dwarf Ornamental Pear

We all love the ornamental pears but they typically grow 30’ or more which simply will not fit into many garden spaces. ‘Jack’ shares the abundant white spring flowers and full shape of his big brothers but only grows to 15’ tall. ‘Jack’ prefers more sun than shade and well-drained garden soils.

Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls’

While we generally think of Wisterias as aggressive growing vines but when trained as a small blooming tree they can be quite dramatic specimens. ‘Amethyst Falls’ is an American Wisteria that is less vigorous and more free flowering than other Wisteria selections making it an ideal tree. Fragrant purple flowers drape from the branches in late spring and often repeat blooms appear throughout the summer. Trees can grow 8’ tall and 8’ wide and bloom best when planted in sunny locations.

Of course these are just a small sampling of the many outstanding specimens available that can add budding beauty, dazzling displays and flourishing flowers to your outdoor living spaces. Consult with your local garden experts to help select the best tree (and proper planting instructions) for your individual conditions.

Now go outside and have fun in the dirt!

Jeff Griff