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Delivery Times

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New Year’s Greetings,

To borrow from that old Clint Eastwood classic, 2010 had its fair share of the good, bad and ugly. Most of us continue to feel the adverse effects of the economy with little or no expectation of significant positive change in the near future. Many of our armed service personnel remain overseas in harms way, again, with no immediate relief in sight. We have lost a few close friends this year, some much too early, all are missed dearly.

On the brighter side we have enjoyed 3-D movies like never before, we now have the I-Pad and, most importantly, have rid ourselves of the worst “King” this city has ever seen.

To one degree or another we are all adapting to a new state of normal trying our best to find some way to continue to move forward… and it’s not easy.
As a business owner I struggle every day with how to best utilize my available resources trying to making the most of today yet not loosing sight of the future. How does one compete in an ever-changing, highly competitive business environment during economically troubled times? Do I provide additional services and offer new products or stick to what we have historically been successful with? Do I advertise to get new customers or focus on my existing clientele?

While I will never be the one with all the answers there are a couple things I know for sure; there is nothing I can do without your support and I can never say thank you enough.

So, thank you.

Thank you for your support, your business and your trust. The entire Lowe’s Greenhouse team is working every day to make our business worthy of your patronage and together we look forward to a bright and exciting New Year.

Jeff Griff