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Delivery Times

Delivery Times

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*Clean germination material to protect from damping off disease.
*Germination potting mix will be a fine textured to keep small seed from sinking into medium.
*Moisten before using to allow water to be readily absorbed.
Pre-plant seed treatments (found on packet)

*Most need nothing others do.

*Open trays are easier for planting smaller seeds.
*Individual cells are better for larger seeds and plants sensitive to transplanting.
*Peat pots can be planted directly into the ground.
*Clean used pots with soapy water to prevent diseases.

*See your packet instructions for temperature needs.(Can range from 45-80 degrees f.)
*Some items require complete darkness.
*Lights and plastic tent can create heat and hold humidity

*Firm soil before plating to create base of seedbed.
*Salt shaker to spread small seed mixed with sand.
*Trenches in soil may be helpful for larger seed.
*Plant in 2 batches for a 2nd chance if necessary.
*Space seeds to avoid crowding.
*Cover seed ¼” deep if instructed.
*Water by soaking from below is less messy.

*In situ. Is best for some items. (Especially vegetables)
*Better late than early in most cases.
*It is very difficult to provide enough light if plants are too early.

*4 or 6” pots for those who want a head start.
*Again, clean pots and a use a clean potting soil.
*Use a pencil to help transplant seedlings.

*Not until after growth appears.
*Liquid feed is best.
*1/2 strength until planted out.
Other tricks

*Small fan to prevent disease.
*Daylight + cool white = grow light
*Dry cleaner bags make excellent germination tents.