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orchidUnique and Unusual Flowers and Houseplants

We are “plant nerds,” we can’t help ourselves! Here are some of the plants we have all year round:

  • Beautiful flowers that last for months in a bright location
  • Water once a week thoroughly
Air Plants
  • Fun & easy to care for in a bright location
  • Give them a dunk 1-2 times a week
  • No soil required
  • Perfect for a bright but no direct sun location
  • They almost take care of themselves
  • Many different containers to choose from
Fairy Gardens
  • Fun project to do with the kids
  • Many different miniature plants to choose form
  • The accessories give you endless possibilities for the perfect fairy home
Peace Lilies
  • A beautiful plant with bright white flowers
  • Likes lower to medium light
  • Perfect addition to the home or office
English Ivy
  • Pretty foliage for tabletop of hanging basket in bright light
  • Water when slightly dry
Indoor Ferns
  • Many different varieties
  • Keep moist
  • Great for medium to bright light but no direct sun
Cactus & Succulents
  • A huge variety to pick from
  • Needs very bright light
  • Let dry very well then water thoroughly
Philodendrons and Scheffleras
  • Many shapes and sizes to choose from
  • Lower to medium light
  • Let dry slightly then water thoroughly
An ever changing variety of blooming plants
  • Violets
  • Begonias
  • Anthuriums
  • Cyclamen