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Master Gardeners Workshop

March 2010

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners… What to Grow and How to Grow It.

Arugula nutty flavored salad green multiple harvests and plantings seed **

Asparagus perennial plant multiple harvests plants, roots, seed ****

Basil red, green, sweet, globe, spicy, cinnamon, lemon likes heat grow lots seed, plants ****

Beans bush or vine, early or mid season, many colors, plant multiple crops seed **

Beets golden or red, plant multiple crops… greens also tasty and healthy seed ***

Broccoli plant multiple crops plants, seed **

Brussels sprouts fall harvest plants, seed **

Chard Many colorful and attractive cultivars available Plants, seed ***

Radicchio For fans of fancy salad greens. Seed **

Collards greens growing in popularity plants seed **

Cabbage early, mid and late season types plants seeds ***

Celery sweet and crunchy from the garden plants **

Carrots needs deep, loose soil. Multiple harvests seed **

Cauliflower white, yellow, green and purple types seed, plants **

Corn needs lots of room but worth it seed plants**

Cucumbers bush, spreading and burpless types. manure Seed plants**

Eggplant purple, lavender and white. Short fat, long skinny, dwarf hot plants **

Endive scarole, chicory fancy salad green seed **

Kale many types and uses raw and cooked very healthy seed plants ***

Kohlrabi monj eaten cooked or raw seed plants ** Okra heat drought tolerant immature fruit pickled, deep fried, soups many uses seed plants *

Leek boiled fried raw soups harvest summer, fall winter spring seed plants **

Lettuce so many types ornamental as well multiple plantings seed ****

Mesculen mixture of salad greens seed ****

Muskmelon cantaloupe long season well-drained manure seed, plants *

Onions bunching, sets, green, scallions, winter onions sets, seed, plants *

Parsnips fried or used in soups root vegetable seed *

Peas spring/ fall pod or sugar snap seed ***

Peppers European, s. American hot, sweet many colors and types some long season plants *

Potato red, white, yellow, blue well-drained mound tubers**

Pumpkins tiny to giant. Red, white, orange, brown and yellow manure seed, plants **

Radish spicy root vegetable seed *

Spinach eat raw or cooked multiple plantings spring/fall seed**

Squash summer and winter types bush and spreading manure seed plants **

Tomatoes so many to choose from seed plants****

Watermelon long season seed plants *

location size

soil organic content, blended soil

seed vs plant situ

seeding indoors light, timing, transplant timing


raised beds how deep, border,

extras staking mulching, plastic groundcover, mounding

gardening green

heirlooms vs hybrid

compost beneficial bacterias

bugs, fungus, weeds,

big 5 tomatos, peppers, squash, lettuce, broccoli, beans, corn, basil, cukes, cabbage