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Who’s Keeping Score?

At the time I am writing this our Cavs are struggling but I am confident they will soon find their way. Our beloved Brownies are doing quite well (knock on wood) and many of the local high school football teams are headed towards the state finals. This summer I was fortunate to have enjoyed several exciting baseball games at the ballpark… our Indians put on a great show this season. All in all, our Cleveland teams seem to be doing a pretty good job of scoring.

As 2014 comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on my score… how did I do this year? How many wins have I enjoyed and how many losses have I had to endure? Unfortunately, what immediately comes to mind are my failures… the times where I felt I have fallen short for one reason or another. I guess I am prone to sinking into that all-too common mind-set where my attitude and feelings have way too much to do with “more-isms.” You know… more sales, more customers, more money, more stuff; more, more, more. Of course, we all realize these aren’t the most important things in life but this is certainly an easy trap to be drawn into. Even though we may perform fairly well, the pitfall that we can encounter is finding that enough isn’t quite good enough. This negativity affects attitudes making the next “score” less likely and wins more difficult to achieve.

Once I think more clearly I quickly realize I have had countless victories this year making 2014 look like a championship season. Personally, my family shares happiness and health… score that a perfect 10! Business is good due to the mutual blessings of a great community, wonderfully loyal clientele and a hardworking and dedicated staff. We have been able to make significant, long-awaited and much needed capital improvements this year. We are fortunate to have been able to contribute more than ever before to our local non-profit community.

All this has been made possible through the support of others, the inspiration of many (past and present) and the encouragement of those whom I hold close.

At the end of the season, we shouldn’t be expected to ignore our shortcomings or to demonstrate a perfect record… that’s just not reasonable. To be fair to ourselves we should base our score on those things that are within our control and truly important… not “more-isms.”

Whenever I am feeling the most challenged I have found the most rapid and effective remedy is found by reaching out to others in need. When I really need a victory I seek the opportunity to support, to inspire, to encourage others. We spend our days surrounded by countless numbers of these winning opportunities. Positive contributions to others don’t necessarily require tremendous amounts of time or money. Immediate effects may be as easy to achieve as a kindly spoken word or a moment of your time for a thoughtful gesture. The greatest challenge is prioritizing our focus on what is most important… where a good score is more than just a game.

When you are calculating your scores for the year I hope you have many victories in every category and that, going forward, you find opportunities for winning through service to others.

Together we can make a difference.

Now go outside and have fun in the dirt!