It all began over 90 years ago with a Tuberous Begonia.

In 1926, Carlton Lowe started his catalog order business in Bainbridge, Ohio; built around the Tuberous-Rooted Begonia, a flower he fell in love with while stationed in Europe during World War I.

In the mid-1950’s, Bud and Ernestine Griff purchased the business from Carlton Lowe.  They quickly learned what was needed to grow Lowe’s Greenhouse and did so until the second generation of Griff’s, Bud Jr and Lou took over in 1974.

In the 1990’s Jeff and Mary Lynn Griff took ownership of Lowe’s Greenhouse and grew the offerings to include annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, landscaping services, a full-service florist and expansive gift shop.

In December 2019, Bob Scott and Sam Delpra purchased Lowe's Greenhouse from the Griffs and now a new generation will carry the business into the future. However, we still offer that beloved American Hybrid Tuberous Begonia, just as Carlton Lowe did for so many years.