Faceplant Footsies

Faceplant Footsies

Playing footsie is always fun, and with Faceplant Footsies, you’ll do it with style!  They’re plush inside and out with playful designs in front and sweet messages behind. With stylish grips on the bottom, these fluffy slippers will be friends to cold toes everywhere.


Choose from 3 designs: 'Tis Good to be Queen, Love is All You Need, and Wine A Little, Laugh A Lot.


Sizing: Small (5-6.5), Medium (7 - 8.5), Large (9-10)



For inside relaxing only.  Plush and warm, finished with a decorative anti skid sole, these will be your favorite house slippers.

For local delivery at a reduced rate, please call Lowe's Greenhouse at 440-543-5123 to place your order.