Welcome to Lowe’s Greenhouse

We are more than a garden center. We are floral artists, landscape designers and dirt diggers, with a knack for growing fresh plants and flowers. We’ve been here for our community since 1926.


Join us this holiday season! Check out our events page for more info! 


Christmas trees from 3' to 20'

We are offering $100.00 credit towards Christmas tree delivery / setup fee with a donation to the Bainbridge Area Food for Friends.


Lowe's grown poinsettias

We offer a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 4" to 10"

Grown in our back greenhouses and only on sale when perfect.


Custom Porch Pots and Planters

Created by our production team, these beautiful pots and planters bring a unique holiday flair to any outdoor space!


Holiday Greens

Live custom-made wreaths, mailbox huggies, White Pine roping (75'), Western Cedar Roping (75'),

Cedar, Fir, Juniper pine bunches, holly bushes, winterberry bushes

Live Blue Spruce and Norway Spruce balled trees

Holiday Pots of boxwood, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce