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Because our firewood was split this summer and fall, some loads may not be fully seasoned.

  • While we will do our best, next day bulk deliveries are NOT guaranteed.  If you’re requesting your bulk order to be delivered the NEXT DAY, please call the store (440-543-5123) to confirm your order and delivery date with the Landscape Department.
  • No bulk deliveries to any other zip codes.
  • Only 1 item per delivery. No mixed or split loads. No other items such as plants / gifts.
  • Please leave detailed instructions for delivery of materials. Keep in mind, we do not drive our trucks off driveway surfaces. Please consider overhead lines, new cement drives, and other obstacles.

Full cord = 8 ft. long x 4 ft. deep x 4 ft. high, or 128 cubic feet.

If you want stacking services, please call the shop (440-543-5123) to order your firewood.

BELOW are stacking rates (within 30 feet of truck gate):

Full cord = $165 | Half cord = $125 | Quarter cord = $85

Additional 30 feet of walking time = $50 full cord, $40 half cord, $30 quarter cord. The area must be ready and have clear access, no climbing stairs or over walls.

  • Standard delivery rates determined by zip code:
    • 44022, 44023 = $50 per trip
    • 44072, 44073, 44202, 44065, 44026  = $70 per trip
    • 44139, 44121, 44124 = $120 per trip
  • Wagon load (pickup only).

Please add an additional 30' of walking for all orders where delivery requires 30-60ft of walking by the delivery crew. The delivery area must have clear access without climbing stairs or walls.