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Plant Warranty Policy

Warrantied plants will be replaced or a store credit issued – there are no refunds on plants. The purpose of the warranty is to cover you in the event your guaranteed tree or shrub dies within the first (second for LG-Insiders) year. As the warranty states, we guarantee dead trees and shrubs. Trees are living things with natural flaws and imperfections. We cannot guarantee items if they are not dead.Trees/shrubs that have brown spots or a few bare branches are not dead and are not covered under the warranty. If after reading this information you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, please note that we will not make house calls to look at the health of a tree. Please provide as many photos as you need to reflect the plant’s current state.


  • For evergreens: the item must be completely or mostly brown.
  • For deciduous trees/shrubs: the item must be at least 75% dead.

  • Not Dead:

  • Smaller and/or less numerous leaves.
  • Premature fall coloring.
  • Premature dropping of leaves before fall.
  • If it is an arborvitae, it will turn brown in the middle in the fall.
  • Dead lower branches are normal the first year for both evergreen and deciduous plants.
  • Dead inner branches are normal. Cut them –the tree will recover, but may take a year or two.
  • Brown spots.

  • Dead branches are normal the first year of planting. Particularly on the lower and inner branches. Your item is not dead and will not be replaced for dead lower or middle branches. If branches are cut, the tree will usually recover. NOTE: it can take a tree up to 3 years to fully recover from a transplant.

    PLEASE NOTE: Many tree and shrub varieties do not get any leaves until nearly June. Please do not attempt to pursue a warranty until the appropriate time has passed. Some of these varieties include, but are not limited to: Rose of Sharon, Trumpet Vine, Hydrangea, Barberry, Clethra, Redbud, and Oak.

    Plants not covered by over-wintering warranty: Buddleia, Roses, Peach trees, Cherry trees, trees/shrubs brought indoors, trees/shrubs planted in pots, trees/shrubs mechanically damaged or damaged by wildlife. Plants left above ground in freezing temperatures will not be warrantied.

    LG-Insiders get a 3-month warranty on perennials and tropical/house plants.