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June 06, 2018 2 min read

Life is but a collection of moments.

This revelation occurs to me every so often, usually during a period of turmoil.  At some time, at some point, we will all be caught in the torrent of life, of living, of what life is. 

I’ve grown up in this incredibly competitive, seasonal business, a business that often brings stress and anxiety during the spring season.  Anticipating distress provides little relief. Other than simply grinding through, what is left as a coping mechanism to maintain a positive outlook and make the most of what is available? Moments.

No matter what the static of life may bring, there are moments to be captured, for giving thanks.  Moments may be fleeting, they may be subtle, in some cases they may be obscure, but they are there for us to gather like treasures in a desert. Be open to recognize these moments as they occur, to appreciate what is being offered.  As we’re carried away by flooding waters, we need to know to grab the life ring when it is thrown to us. 

Today, amid my mid-spring inundation of tasks, listing a few of the moments I have amassed during this particularly trying season proves therapeutic:

*The first scent of fresh mown grass in the morning air.

*Mist lingering over a lake on a clear and cool morning.

*The view over a freshly plowed field as the sun sets brilliantly in hues of orange, pink and yellow. 

*Pulling in the drive observing the beauty of a magnolia tree in my yard with hundreds of flowers opening, knowing it is my wife’s favorite.

*My daughter being brought on stage to be acknowledged for a diploma with honors.

*Visiting a client’s home who shares her gardening accomplishments with pride. 

*Observing the development and accomplishments of new co-workers.

*The awakening of spring observed while driving through town among a symphony of blooming trees.

These moments remind me how blessed I am and that I am surrounded by far more good than bad. I will hold these moments close and draw together what I can until the flood subsides and life resumes a normal rhythm. 

Whether or not you are feeling overwhelmed by life, I hope you are finding these moments, collecting these treasures and holding them close as you pass through the days and weeks ahead.

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